OUR Team

Meet our team

Our experienced professionals deliver evidence-based interventions, ensuring the highest quality of service.

JP Ketron - Founder & CEO

JP founded Monument Recovery in 2022 driven by a passion to help others recover from Substance Abuse and mental health disorders. JP is a Phoenix native and enjoys spending his off hours nurturing his golf and hiking habits. He got sober in 2010 and is a true believer in the partnering of trauma therapy and physical wellness with 12 step work to recover, which is the foundation of Monument’s curriculum. JP finds his fulfillment in life connecting with other addicts, whether that be in step work, in a group setting, or just a chat in his office. His door is always open to all clients!

Truman Todd - BHT / Peer Support Specialist

Truman has been an integral part of building Monument into what it is today and is a smiley staple around the center each day. Ever since Truman entered his own recovery journey, he’s found his rewards in life as a direct result to giving back to the sobriety community.

Aaron Riggs - Director of Operations

Aaron believes empathy is the most powerful tool for interaction we have as humans. As a professional in the behavioral health industry for 6+ years, Aaron has come to harness this tool for the betterment of the patients he comes in contact with; and grow as a person. Aaron's extensive knowledge of the treatment industry, and divers experience amongst almost every type of behavioral health facility, has taught him how to provided the referral partners, patients and families the highest level of quality service in the industry.